[OpenGLAM] Marie Curie fellowship - University of Valencia - Digital Humanities (Cultural Heritage and Computer Science)

Jorge Sebastián Lozano jorge.sebastian at uv.es
Wed Jul 24 11:34:57 UTC 2019

Dear colleagues,


Please find below an expression of interest for a Marie Curie fellowship in
the area of digital humanities that we just submitted. 


Do not hesitate to forward the information, if you know any possible
candidate who might be interested in joining the SILKNOW team.


Our deadline for receiving candidates is September 4.


Kind regards,




Dr. Jorge Sebastián Lozano

 <mailto:jorge.sebastian at uv.es> jorge.sebastian at uv.es


 <http://silknow.eu/> http://silknow.eu/ 

Departamento de Historia del Arte. Universitat de València



Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action 

Digital Humanities (Cultural Heritage and Computer Science) - University of



This research group has a strong interdisciplinary character, being
comprised of researchers from two different areas in Universitat de
València: cultural heritage and computer science. 

We are open to collaboration with researchers interested in
interdisciplinary approaches to textile heritage, especially if this
involves the use of ICT and digital humanities, broadly considered. 

Our main common effort is SILKNOW, a 3-year research project funded within
the H2020 program, dealing with the application of various digital
technologies (artificial intelligence, semantic web, big data, ontologies,
3D printing, and advanced visualization tools) to European silk heritage
from the 15th to the 19th centuries. It applies next-generation computing
research to the needs of diverse users: museums, education, tourism,
creative industries, media
, thus preserving the tangible and intangible
heritage associated with silk. Based on records from existing catalogues, it
aims to produce digital modelling of weaving techniques, through automatic
visual recognition, as well as multilingual and semantically enriched access
to digital data. Needless to say, the project is fully based on open access
principles, tools, publications, etc.

While a doctoral degree would be desirable, candidates in the pre-doctoral
level can also apply for collaboration with us. Although most communication
within the project takes place in English, a working knowledge of Spanish is
greatly encouraged, too, but not mandatory.


04/09/2019 17:00 - Europe/Brussels


jorge.sebastian at uv.es <mailto:jorge.sebastian at uv.es>  -
cristina.portales at uv.es <mailto:cristina.portales at uv.es>  


Spain, Valencia


University of Valencia


Department of Art History / IRTIC: University Research Institute on Robotics
and Information and Communication Technologies

Documents to be submitted by the candidates:

- CV.

- Proposal of research work to develop within our group, clearly indicating
the links to our current work, and possible future perspectives of

- A sample of a few publications in pdf.

For more information about us and some publications, please see

The University of Valencia is implementing since 2017 the Human Resources
Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R),this seal recognizes the University’s
ability to attract talent, create a favourable work conditions, encourage
research and enhance the careers of researchers in Europe:


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