[open-government] Last minute translations for new EU web application to be launched on Friday?

Jonathan Gray jonathan.gray at okfn.org
Wed Feb 2 21:13:33 GMT 2011

Hi all,

We're currently finishing work on a web application focusing on
progress towards the 2020 energy targets which will be launched on
this coming Friday in Brussels. It is based on open data from Eurostat
and elsewhere. We anticipate that it will be launched at a European
Council meeting, which will have energy as one of the core topics [1].

As the topic is highly relevant to citizens in all European countries,
we're trying to translate the interface and the short (390 word)
'about' text to as many official European languages as possible. We
have a bunch of languages in progress, but we are still looking for
help to translate (and review!) as many as we can before Friday.
Here's where we're currently up to:


If anyone is up for taking on a translation, or looking over an
existing one we'd be *eternally* grateful! If you're interested in
helping, please pop a note to energy at okfn.org saying which language(s)
you can help with.

We will grant you special VIP advanced access to the application ahead
of the launch (oooh!) and, of course, give credit where credit is due
with your name and URL on the site.

I'll ping the list when it is launched!

All the best,


[1] http://www.european-council.europa.eu/council-meetings.aspx?lang=EN

Jonathan Gray

Community Coordinator
The Open Knowledge Foundation


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