[open-government] Long term preservation and archival for Open Data

Ivan Begtin ibegtin at gmail.com
Wed Oct 9 17:13:30 BST 2013

Dear colleagues,
   most of us are involved in open data activities and availability of
opendata is critical issue when we want to re-use it.

Right now we have a few examples when data, published earlier, disappear
Sometimes it happens since data government information systems updated or
closed, sometimes when "Government shutdown" happens (like data.gov right
now) and sometimes when government agencies disbanded.

I know that where are some archival initiatives related to government
websites. It's UK web archival initiative (
http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/webarchive/) and similar projects in
other countries (USA, Australia, Hong Kong and so on).

As I understand no one such initiative covers datasets and when data.gov is
unavailable the only chance to get the data is to look at other
commerical/non-profit projects that re-publish data.gov datasets for own

So I would like to launch discussion about long term preservation and
archival for datasets published by government and not only government.

What do you think from your experience in your countires, do we need to
launch long term preservation or it's not an issue right now?

Best Regards,
  Ivan Begtin

Director of NGO "Informational Culture"
email: ibegtin at infoculture.ru
phone: +7 499 500 96 58, +7 910 426 68 83
website: http://infoculture.ru
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