[open-humanities] 18th-century texts online accessible

John Levin john at anterotesis.com
Wed Apr 27 17:20:36 UTC 2011

On 26/04/2011 14:55, Rufus Pollock wrote:
> On 26 April 2011 14:53, Philippe Aigrain
> <philippe.aigrain at sopinspace.com>  wrote:
>> I confirm: this is a close consortium collaborative effort with no
>> public access at this time, and even extrapolating, one can fear that
>> the future public access will be limited to the surface (an interactive
>> presentation of the laid out text) and no open access for the sources
>> (the TEI XML encoded text and the layout software).
>> This has in my opinion to be checked before it can be endorsed by
>> OKF/CKAN, no ?
> Given the update on the license this wouldn't be a project that would
> be directly endorsed by the OKF since the material isn't open. That
> doesn't mean it couldn't be registered on http://ckan.net/ as that can
> include material that while not yet open could be open etc. At the
> same time I think it is nice to hear of a project making steps towards
> open if they haven't got there yet!

Latest news is this statement:

(Plain) texts are available via email, and will be available under a CC 
PDM license.
So they could be registered on CKAN, I suppose.
It really strikes me as odd that you have to email for the texts; surely 
they have the resources at least to put a zip file or suchlike online. 
Would OKF be willing to host them?


John Levin
johnlevin at joindiaspora.com

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