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Mon Apr 2 15:17:36 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

Quick heads up that the next Open Humanities Working Group meeting will be

*Tuesday 17th April at 5pm BST*
We want to focus the discussion on ideas for representing Open Humanities
projects at OKFest in Helsinki <http://okfestival.org/> [1] this year.
There will likely be a strand entitled "Building the Cultural Commons", see
the drafting Etherpad for the strand <http://okfnpad.org/okfestGLAM> [2],
which would be a great home for any Open Humanities events we might like

Possible things to think about:

* Ideas for humanities hack events /coding jams
* Presentation of research papers relating to the open humanities
* Idea for key notes
* Interesting Open Humanities and Digital Humanities project reps to invite
* [your idea here!]

Please add your name and Skype ID to the "Attendees" sub-section of
the Etherpad
we will be using for the meeting
<http://humanities.okfnpad.org/meeting-2012-04-17>[3] and add in any things
under "Questions" or "Ideas" that you'd like to discuss.

Look forward to speaking to many of you then!


[1] http://okfestival.org
[2] http://okfnpad.org/okfestGLAM
[3] http://humanities.okfnpad.org/meeting-2012-04-17
Sam Leon
Community Coordinator
Open Knowledge Foundation
Twitter: @noeL_maS
Skype: samedleon
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