[open-humanities] Help needed finding electronic editions of public domain philosophy texts

Sam Leon sam.leon at okfn.org
Thu Feb 2 07:08:43 UTC 2012

Dear all,

I'm currently putting together a list of digital plain text editions
of *well-know
philosophical texts* that will be the initial material to be featured on Open
the first instance of TEXTUS [2] a platform that will enable users to
work with, share and collaboratively annotate collections of public domain

It would be a great help if I could have other people's input on this.
Currently we're working on a Google spreadsheet that can be found

If you have a moment and you're interested in helping, we need people to:

(a) Add new (public domain) philosophy texts they think should be featured
there with links to digital editions (eg from
Wikisource<http://wikisource.org/wiki/Main_Page>or Project
Gutenberg <http://www.gutenberg.org/>);
(b) Unpack the URLs for the Wikisource entries for the authors into the
texts themselves.

At the moment, we're focussing on *texts in their original language *and
trying to get *plain text *versions from Project Gutenberg or Wikisource
rather than page scans found on the Internet Archive.

If any of this is unclear to anyone who wants to get involved just give me
a shout and we can chat on Skype or clarify things via email.



[1] http://jonathangray.org/2011/11/04/ideas-for-openphilosophy-org/
[2] TEXTUS project webpage: http://textusproject.org TEXTUS project Wiki:

Sam Leon
Community Coordinator
Open Knowledge Foundation
Skype: samedleon
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