[open-humanities] Help needed finding electronic editions of public domain philosophy texts

Philippe Aigrain philippe.aigrain at sopinspace.com
Thu Feb 2 07:17:47 UTC 2012

Hi Sam,

I am very interested in your project, because of its contents but also
through the collaborative annotation side, as my company develops and
operates the free software on-line text annotation software co-ment and
this type of project is among our key application domains.

What are you planning to use for text annotation? You can see a recent
example of use of co-ment for annotating large texts in the site put in
place for my book "Sharing: Culture and the Economy in the Internet Age"
released yesterday (!) by Amsterdam University Press:


Philippe Aigrain

Le 02/02/2012 08:08, Sam Leon a écrit :
> Dear all,
> I'm currently putting together a list of digital plain text editions of
> *well-know philosophical texts* that will be the initial material to be
> featured on Open Philosophy
> <http://jonathangray.org/2011/11/04/ideas-for-openphilosophy-org/> [1],
> the first instance of TEXTUS [2] a platform that will enable users to
> work with, share and collaboratively annotate collections of public
> domain texts.
> It would be a great help if I could have other people's input on this.
> Currently we're working on a Google spreadsheet that can be found here
> <https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ams8fpz2_77XdHNMeVB4SGsxMi1nQUFneHFKX2l4T2c> [3].
> If you have a moment and you're interested in helping, we need people to:
> (a) Add new (public domain) philosophy texts they think should be
> featured there with links to digital editions (eg from Wikisource
> <http://wikisource.org/wiki/Main_Page> or Project Gutenberg
> <http://www.gutenberg.org/>);
> (b) Unpack the URLs for the Wikisource entries for the authors into the
> texts themselves.
> At the moment, we're focussing on *texts in their original language *and
> trying to get *plain text *versions from Project Gutenberg or Wikisource
> rather than page scans found on the Internet Archive.
> If any of this is unclear to anyone who wants to get involved just give
> me a shout and we can chat on Skype or clarify things via email.
> Thanks,
> Sam
> [1] http://jonathangray.org/2011/11/04/ideas-for-openphilosophy-org/
> [2] TEXTUS project webpage: http://textusproject.org TEXTUS project
> Wiki: http://wiki.okfn.org/Projects/Textus
> [3] https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ams8fpz2_77XdHNMeVB4SGsxMi1nQUFneHFKX2l4T2c&pli=1#gid=0
> <https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ams8fpz2_77XdHNMeVB4SGsxMi1nQUFneHFKX2l4T2c&pli=1#gid=0>
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