[open-humanities] Textus and Annotation-Studio

Andrew Magliozzi andrew at finalsclub.org
Tue Dec 31 06:28:31 UTC 2013

Hi Open Humanitarians,

I just heard from Rufus that James and company are beginning a new
development sprint for Textus in late January in order to get
OpenLiterature.net off the ground.  Here is the documentation for those who
are unfamiliar with the goals of the sprint:


As with OpenShakespeare, the FinalsClub Foundation is willing to contribute
our 3,500 Shakespeare annotations.  In addition, I wanted to bring to the
group's attention an open source digital humanities project that might
prove useful.

MIT's Annotation Studio -
https://github.com/hyperstudio/Annotation-Studio- is built in Ruby on
Rails and uses OKFN's Annotator.  This project would
provide much of the functionality necessary for OpenLiterature's needs.  It
also has adoption from digital humanities groups at Harvard and Stanford.

I've cc'd Jamie Folsom, Annotation Studio's lead developer, to join the
conversation.  Please share your questions, comments, or concerns here.

Happy New Year,
Andrew Magliozzi
FinalsClub Foundation
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