[open-humanities] Open Literature sprint & a more formal event

James Harriman-Smith open-shakespeare at okfn.org
Sun Dec 8 14:13:04 UTC 2013

Hi Iain, List

I've interwoven my responses below. I was intending to debate this over
Skype, but - at time of writing - it doesn't look like next week will be a
good time for people. Anyway, without further ado:

> Do we want, as a group, to have a more 'formal' hackday, unconference type
> day towards the end of the year and try to make it an annual event? Perhaps
> even widen it to be a humanities day in general?

Yes. I (and I'm sure Sam Moore, too) would love there to be a yearly 'open
humanities' hack at the OKF. I don't however think that this upcoming
sprint should be such an event as it's at a fairly inconvenient time of
year and is fast approaching. Maybe we could do a big humanities hack in
August, or even in Berlin at OKfest?

> We did run the Textcamp but that domain is being used for something else
> now, so we no longer have access to it. So we would need a new one with the
> relevant resources set up  - I'd imagine a blog / wiki to post updates,
> show off the results and partially to co-ordinate ideas. Only a suggestion.

Sounds good. Once we have a rough time frame for the bigger event (and I've
sorted out my admin privileges), we can set up such a site.

> So would we want to have such an event?

> What would we like to do there? Can we involve people virtually (irc,
> skype, hangouts or so on)?
Lots of possible things: working on the core open humanities projects (Open
Correspondence, Open Literature, maybe AnnotateIt too, although they have
lots going on already); hacking on some newly-released datasets out of
Europeana or the British Library...we could even have a call for proposals
circulated in the Spring.

> What would we call it and can we get the domain registered for it? What
> would we like to see in the space as resources?
> I think 'Open Humanities Hack' works well (the 'OHH' acronym is a bit
naff...). As for space/resources, we've held similar events in KCL and at
JISC. The main requirements are lots of power sockets, good internet
connectivity, and a nearby source of food.

> Can we get sponsorship or co-organiser to help with space, food, so on and
> so forth?

I think we should definitely try. Maybe King's or the BL. Something to look
into once we clearly know what we'll be doing.

> Who else would be happy to help organise? I am happy to volunteer and help
> co-ordinate but know that my time next year will be limited by other
> factors but do want to see it happen.

I'd be happy to help organise a bit. Maybe Sam Moore too?

> I am sure that there are other questions need to be asked. I am pretty
> sure I've posed them somewhere but have forgotten what they are at the
> moment. I think the above are enough to start with though this side of
> Christmas/New Year.

Let's talk this over more on Skype or at the sprint in January.

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