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Hi James,

On 08/12/13 14:13, James Harriman-Smith wrote:
> Hi Iain, List
> I've interwoven my responses below. I was intending to debate this 
> over Skype, but - at time of writing - it doesn't look like next week 
> will be a good time for people. Anyway, without further ado:
>     Do we want, as a group, to have a more 'formal' hackday,
>     unconference type day towards the end of the year and try to make
>     it an annual event? Perhaps even widen it to be a humanities day
>     in general?
> Yes. I (and I'm sure Sam Moore, too) would love there to be a yearly 
> 'open humanities' hack at the OKF. I don't however think that this 
> upcoming sprint should be such an event as it's at a fairly 
> inconvenient time of year and is fast approaching. Maybe we could do a 
> big humanities hack in August, or even in Berlin at OKfest?
The curses of a badly phrased question. The January event, I think, 
should be an informal event. I was picking up the on/off thread from the 
last four. I think that Berlin, if there is space, would be good place 
to kick this off. If not late August, early September?
>     We did run the Textcamp but that domain is being used for
>     something else now, so we no longer have access to it. So we would
>     need a new one with the relevant resources set up  - I'd imagine a
>     blog / wiki to post updates, show off the results and partially to
>     co-ordinate ideas. Only a suggestion.
> Sounds good. Once we have a rough time frame for the bigger event (and 
> I've sorted out my admin privileges), we can set up such a site.
That's good. I can't remember resources what my sign in is linked 
against now. Will try and find out this week.
>     So would we want to have such an event?
> Yep.
>     What would we like to do there? Can we involve people virtually
>     (irc, skype, hangouts or so on)?
> Lots of possible things: working on the core open humanities projects 
> (Open Correspondence, Open Literature, maybe AnnotateIt too, although 
> they have lots going on already); hacking on some newly-released 
> datasets out of Europeana or the British Library...we could even have 
> a call for proposals circulated in the Spring.
I like the idea of the CfP type thing. Perhaps also doing something 
along the lines of something that the School of Data does and running a 
data expedition to extend an existing set or begin a new one?
>     What would we call it and can we get the domain registered for it?
>     What would we like to see in the space as resources?
> I think 'Open Humanities Hack' works well (the 'OHH' acronym is a bit 
> naff...). As for space/resources, we've held similar events in KCL and 
> at JISC. The main requirements are lots of power sockets, good 
> internet connectivity, and a nearby source of food.
Also white boards or notes spaces? The name could be the "fun" bit - 
practical but snappy? Will see what I can also come up with a 
suggestions next week.
>     Can we get sponsorship or co-organiser to help with space, food,
>     so on and so forth?
> I think we should definitely try. Maybe King's or the BL. Something to 
> look into once we clearly know what we'll be doing.
Those were the two I was thinking of. I'll have a think of anyone else 
to approach.
>     Who else would be happy to help organise? I am happy to volunteer
>     and help co-ordinate but know that my time next year will be
>     limited by other factors but do want to see it happen.
> I'd be happy to help organise a bit. Maybe Sam Moore too?
Great, thanks.
>     I am sure that there are other questions need to be asked. I am
>     pretty sure I've posed them somewhere but have forgotten what they
>     are at the moment. I think the above are enough to start with
>     though this side of Christmas/New Year.
> Let's talk this over more on Skype or at the sprint in January.
Okay. As per Dudle, next week is pretty bad for me but the week after is 
better or getting together with any one else at the January event would 
be equally great.

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