[open-humanities] Open Philosophy (was Re: Open Literature sprint & a more formal event)

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Mon Dec 9 09:03:07 UTC 2013

We're merging the tech of the two platforms and would either plan to merge
open philosophy into open literature or, once open literature is properly
working, reuse the same tech to run open philosophy. Either way, if you're
interested in Open Philosophy coming to Open Literature sprint will be well
worth it.


On 9 December 2013 08:50, John Levin <john at anterotesis.com> wrote:

> On 08/12/2013 14:13, James Harriman-Smith wrote:
>  Lots of possible things: working on the core open humanities projects
>> (Open Correspondence, Open Literature, maybe AnnotateIt too, although
>> they have lots going on already); hacking on some newly-released
>> datasets out of Europeana or the British Library...we could even have a
>> call for proposals circulated in the Spring.
> Is Open Philosophy one of the core Open Humanities projects? What is its
> current status? As I recall, there was work on making it a platform for
> hosting texts, one that could be applied to other corpuses, inc. literary
> ones. Is there cross-over with Open Literature then, or am I
> mis-remembering?
> John
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