[open-humanities] Open Philosophy (was Re: Open Literature sprint & a more formal event)

John Levin john at anterotesis.com
Mon Dec 9 08:50:15 UTC 2013

On 08/12/2013 14:13, James Harriman-Smith wrote:

> Lots of possible things: working on the core open humanities projects
> (Open Correspondence, Open Literature, maybe AnnotateIt too, although
> they have lots going on already); hacking on some newly-released
> datasets out of Europeana or the British Library...we could even have a
> call for proposals circulated in the Spring.

Is Open Philosophy one of the core Open Humanities projects? What is its 
current status? As I recall, there was work on making it a platform for 
hosting texts, one that could be applied to other corpuses, inc. 
literary ones. Is there cross-over with Open Literature then, or am I 


John Levin

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