[Open-Legislation] Belgian initiative BeLaws

Nuno Moniz nunompmoniz at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 12:52:28 UTC 2011

I'm all in for REST.
I just don't know any other project of interoperability for this case.
I found in that page that they have an ontology developed (
So, probably, this could be used.
I'm also a little lost because I never worked on integration on any level
rather a Portuguese one. I'll trust in on you who have ;-)

> How about a standard for creating a general API?
> That would be a good thing, but since we developers will be able to
> translate quickly between our internal APIs I suggest thinking hard
> before releasing a public one. ie: get someone with a law degree to
> tell us how they would want to interface would they be programmers. It
> makes it easier for future apps to be lawer-mindset-compatible.
I have two friends from law working with me here. I will in the near future
talk with them about that.
I guess it would be a good exercise.

> Again, this has impact on a public API, we should gather intel on how
> lawyers see this, how they read changes, refs, ... as to avoid pushing
> our mindset into their world, we should try to adapt to them, and then
> adding what we think could be useful for them.

I agree, will do.

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