[Open-Legislation] Keeping track on Norway's politicians

Daniel Rees daniel at rees.no
Wed Feb 8 15:20:11 UTC 2012

Hello all,

We are a group (Holder de ord - "Do they keep their work") monitoring activities in the Norwegian parliament. Our first site has been up and running (www.holderdeord.no (http://www.holderdeord.no)) since Nov 2010, and we are currently working to build on the site and add new functionality, including data and voting feeds from parliament that are increasingly becoming available.

I came across this list and it's really cool to read about all other projects going on. The Paris conference in July seems like a great idea, we are definitely planning to join!

One specific question: Does anyone have experience linking political party promises and voting records from parliament? We are trying to group different votes together in themes ("immigration", "wind power" etc), and would very much enjoy discussing with others who have experience of this.

Many thanks!


Daniel Rees
+47 99452400

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