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Daniel Dietrich daniel.dietrich at okfn.org
Wed May 16 20:28:33 UTC 2012

Hi Lucy,

there was a thread (WG lists CC'ed) about the idea to organize some sessions around "open parliamentary / legislation data"[1]  as a continuation of the debate that goes from PMO conference in DC[2] to the upcoming Paris[3] conference.  

I think this is a great idea and we should try to make it happen. Maybe people involved (Benjamin, Tom, Andrew and others) would help coordinating this a bit?

In regards to the streams: This has all become a bit complex. I understand it all makes perfect sense from the org point of view, but - to be honest - I don't care under which "stream" good things are happening - as long as they are actually happening :)

Lets push things fwd!


1. we agreed that the term "parliamentary informatics" actually suites better
2. http://www.ndi.org/node/18544
3. http://www.lafabriquedelaloi.fr/

On 16 May 2012, at 19:46, Lucy Chambers wrote:

> There has just been a very good question raised in the Open Democracy
> Facebook group:
> "Will this stream have a Parliamentary monitoring element?" - I just
> quickly wanted to check whether any of the other streams (Government,
> Legislation etc.) were considering an element like this?
> If so, please shout out - otherwise we shall progress with discussing
> including it in the Open Democracy Stream!
> Lucy
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