[Open-Legislation] [OKFest-Coord] Parliamentary Monitoring

Antti Poikola antti.poikola at gmail.com
Thu May 17 17:18:24 UTC 2012

Agree that "good things shoud happend", home for  this will most 
probably be either under "Open Government Data" or under "Open Democracy 
and Citizen Movements". This depends mostly upon the Guest Programme 
Planners in these streams - who is more willing to catch the ball?

Are there any people on the lists who already know that will participate 
both Paris and Helsinki -events?


On 16.5.2012 23:28, Daniel Dietrich wrote:
> Hi Lucy,
> there was a thread (WG lists CC'ed) about the idea to organize some sessions around "open parliamentary / legislation data"[1]  as a continuation of the debate that goes from PMO conference in DC[2] to the upcoming Paris[3] conference.
> I think this is a great idea and we should try to make it happen. Maybe people involved (Benjamin, Tom, Andrew and others) would help coordinating this a bit?
> In regards to the streams: This has all become a bit complex. I understand it all makes perfect sense from the org point of view, but - to be honest - I don't care under which "stream" good things are happening - as long as they are actually happening :)
> Lets push things fwd!
> Daniel
> 1. we agreed that the term "parliamentary informatics" actually suites better
> 2. http://www.ndi.org/node/18544
> 3. http://www.lafabriquedelaloi.fr/
> On 16 May 2012, at 19:46, Lucy Chambers wrote:
>> There has just been a very good question raised in the Open Democracy
>> Facebook group:
>> "Will this stream have a Parliamentary monitoring element?" - I just
>> quickly wanted to check whether any of the other streams (Government,
>> Legislation etc.) were considering an element like this?
>> If so, please shout out - otherwise we shall progress with discussing
>> including it in the Open Democracy Stream!
>> Lucy
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