[Open-Legislation] API for parliaments / election results

Hanssens Bart Bart.Hanssens at fedict.be
Wed Nov 6 08:12:57 UTC 2013


Just wondering, with all the initiatives (*) about opening parliament info (Q&A, Members .) 
if there is some kind of "standard" API and/or export format for accessing this data ?

I know OASIS is working on standardizing Akoma Ntoso / LegalDocML,
so perhaps that could be used as a format for serializing some parts of parliamentary info,
but an general API would still be useful IMHO

Same for election results (Election Markup ML may be interesting, but is there some kind of API ?)

Best regards,

Bart Hanssens

(*) http://www.noselus.be, http://www.zewerkenvoorjou.be, http://parltrack.euwiki.org/ etc

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