[Open-Legislation] Infographic on Law in the European Union

Clemens Wass clemens at wass.at
Mon Jun 23 13:12:07 UTC 2014

Dear all,

I am currently working on an infographic on law in the European Union. Do
you have any interesting numbers/statistics/facts?

What is interesting?
- numbers of legislative acts
- numbers of cases
- number of pages
- numbers lawyers, judges, ...
- durations
- all kind of ratios...
- anything that you can think of!

The aim is to inform the public about the legal system, the relation
between the EU and its member states, important institutions, about legal
history, its meaning today, etc. Focus is rather on the EU level, but if
you have outstanding facts from your country this would also be nice (e.g.
"in country x we have the oldest Act on ...  which is still in force and
effect..."). *What is the most impressive legal fact from your country?
What makes your country unique?*

I am looking for anything that is interesting and that can create awareness
for the importance of law in general. But there is certainly also enough
space for some "funny" facts (I am sure there will be). Would be great if
you could help me to tell the story! Please send me links, spreadsheets,
whatsoever! Or insert your data directly here:

The graphic will be put under a CC license, all contributors will be
mentioned of course!

Thank you!



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Clemens Wass
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