[Open-Legislation] Alon Peled, Traversing Digital Babel from MIT Press, Ch. 3 on Open Data movement worldwide

Clemens Wass clemens at wass.at
Mon Nov 10 16:40:08 UTC 2014

Dear all,

I agree, it is kind of a weird situation that we write about open data and
open knowledge in rather closed commercial systems ;-) And even stranger:
the author is typically not the person who will receive the income...
So at this point: congratulations to all open access initiatives, for
example to the colleagues from the JOAL (
I also like that the European Commission is putting more focus on open
access publishing under the H2020 funding programs.

Best, Clemens

2014-11-10 12:17 GMT+01:00 Alon Peled <Alon.Peled at post.harvard.edu>:

> Hi Stef... and thanks for replying!
> Nope. Most certainly an MIT Press book is not an open knowledge product.
> The publisher wants to be paid for it (though the scholarly author is
> unlikely to see a penny from it..:-). The book, however, does deal with a
> critical question that comes well before knowledge can be shared
> meaningfully and hopefully also openly--how to incentivize/nudge the
> biggest producers of raw information in the world (e.g., governmental
> agencies--not Google and its alike!..:-) to share with each other the
> enormous mountains of information that they produce and store? If we solve
> this problem first, the road to sharing knowledge will be a little bit more
> open.....Thanks again for writing back to me, Stef! Yours, Alon
> Alon Peled, PhD (Harvard University, 1994)
> Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
> The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
> msapeled at huji.ac.il
> Alon.Peled at post.harvard.edu
> https://scholars.huji.ac.il/alonpeled
> New Book from the MIT Press (2014):
> *Traversing Digital Babel - Information, E-Government, and Exchange*
> http://mitpress.mit.edu/books/traversing-digital-babel
> Stuart Robbins’ Blog:  http://wp.me/p16Nq-6k
> On Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 12:59 PM, stef <s at ctrlc.hu> wrote:
>> dear Alon Peled,
>> would you classify your work as open knowledge? if so under what license
>> and
>> what url?
>> cheers,s
>> --
>> otr fp: https://www.ctrlc.hu/~stef/otr.txt
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Clemens Wass
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