[Open-Legislation] First law journal in Europe?

John Levin john at anterotesis.com
Tue Nov 11 10:08:20 UTC 2014

On 11/11/2014 09:10, Clemens Wass wrote:
> Dear all!
> Do you know which was the first law journal in Europe? I have spoken
> with a few professors, but nobody had an answer...
> We are currently doing some research regarding 'access to law', and this
> question and some background information would be quite interesting.
> Please let me know - also 'educated guesses' are welcome!
> Thank you!
> Best, Clemens

Do you mean first journal reporting on cases, or first academic / 
theoretical / commentary journal?

For the former, the Law Reports began in 1865 in the UK:

For the latter, the law Quarterly Review began in 1885:

IANAL - and I am barely even a legal historian.


John Levin

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