[Open-Legislation] French civil code on git

Maarten Trompper m.f.a.trompper at uva.nl
Wed Apr 8 14:27:34 UTC 2015


i don't i want to find out why some people think they're worth investing
> time in.

I did a Github repo for all Dutch law
<https://github.com/statengeneraal/laws-markdown>, and I'll tell you the
value that I've found in my project:

   1. It provokes thought about the horribly antiquated way in which we
   currently amend laws
   2. It has taught me how hard it is to do this right

I agree that its practical usefulness is limited, and these kinds of
project are overhyped on the blogosphere. I see them as a art
project, 'look what we can do'. Not devoid of meaning, but not useful in
anyone's day-to-day either.

I have considered for a moment that these diffs may simplify doing cool
statistics on how laws changes through time. But actually, they don't

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