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this might be interesting to some newcomers on this list

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Dear all
(apologise for cross posting)

the LOD2 team is happy to announce 2 free Linked Open Data tool webinars
for April 2012 as follows!
You can find the recorded LOD2 webinars and respective slides here:

-----Linked Data and SKOS-----18.04.2012, 05.00pm CET-----

Knowledge organization systems like taxonomies or thesauri can benefit
  from linked data approaches and vice versa.
In recent years SKOS became very popular in various industries due to its
simplicity, not only for information retrieval
purposes but also for knowledge modelling itself. For many organizations
SKOS turned out to be the entry point to the Semantic Web.

A rather novel approach is to use SKOS as means for data integration. In
combination with RDF mapping and linked data
alignment technologies complex knowledge bases can be built to use them
for the following application scenarios which
we will demonstrate by using the PoolParty platform.

What : LOD2 webinar series: Linked Data and SKOS. Connecting the dots.
Who : LOD2 project, presenter: Semantic Web Company, Austria
When : 18.04. 2012, 05.00pm - 06.00pm CET
Information & Registration: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/472512210


-----D2R and Sparqlify-----24.04.2012, 04.00pm CET-----

After several interesting webinars on components and services of the LOD2
Technology Stack we are preparing the next broadcast.

D2R Server (Free University of Berlin) is a tool for publishing relational
databases on the Semantic Web. It enables RDF and HTML browsers
to navigate the content of the database, and allows applications to query
the database using the SPARQL query language.

Sparqlify (University of Leipzig) is a tool enabling one to define
expressive RDF views on relational databases and query them with a subset
of the
SPARQL query language. By featuring a novel RDF view definition syntax, it
aims at simplifying the RDB-RDF mapping process.

What : LOD2 webinar series: D2R and Sparqlify
Who : LOD2 project, presenter: Free University Berlin and University of
Leipzig, both Germany
When : 24.04. 2012, 04.00pm - 05.00pm CET
Information & Registration: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/995893370


The LOD2 webinar series is powered by LOD2 - Creating Knowledge out of
Interlinked Data ( http://lod2.eu ), organised & produced by Semantic Web
Company ( http://www.semantic-web.at ), Austria.

This series will provide a monthly webinar about Linked (Open) Data tools
and services around the LOD2 project, the LOD2 Stack and the Linked Open
Data Life Cycle, also in the form of 3rd party tools.

We are looking forward for your registration and to meeting you at the
LOD2 webinars on 18.04.2012 and 24.04.2012!

Please find continuously updated information here:

We are looking forward to meeting you at the announced webinars in April

All the best!


Martin Kaltenböck, CMC
Managing Partner, CFO

Semantic Web Company (SWC)
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A - 1070 Vienna, Austria
Tel +43 1 402 12 35 - 25
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LOD2 - Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked Data - http://lod2.eu/
European Data Forum 2012, 6-7 June 2012 in Copenhagen, DK -

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