[open-linguistics] LLOD-LRE-OLAC [Re: Categories for data in the LLOD Cloud Diagram]

Christian Chiarcos christian.chiarcos at web.de
Tue Jul 16 10:44:27 UTC 2013

Dear John, dear Hugh, dear Paul, dear all,

following the proposals to align the categories with LRE Map and OLAC, I  
would suggest the following update of tags

>> Terminology and lexicon resources (tag: lexical)
>> e.g., Wiktionary derived resources

=> tag: lexicon (~ olac:lexicon)

>> Typological Databases (tag: typological)
>> e.g., WALS

=> tag: language_description (~ olac:language_description)

>> Translation Memories and Bitext (tag: bitext)
>> e.g., JRC Names
>> Annotated Corpora (tag: annotated-corpus)
>> e.g., Alpino
>> Multimodal resources (tag: multimodal-corpus)
>> Not sure if we have any examples as of yet

As implied in my earlier mail, it we might group these together and  
specify "modality" and "language" as additional attributes applicable to  
any resource type. Of course, to represent that properly, we would need  
two visualizations, then, one for resource type, and one for these  
additional attributes.

=> tag: corpus (~ lre: Corpus)

>> Metadata and linguistic categories (tag: linguistic-metadata)
>> e.g., ISOcat

no alternative naming suggested.


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