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Christian Chiarcos christian.chiarcos at web.de
Tue Jul 16 11:05:56 UTC 2013

Dear Hugh,

> In general I don't see OLAC vocabularies as part of the linked data  
> diagram linked to in the original post. I wonder if it should be. Would  
> there be something gained by adding it? This may mean that there needs  
> to be some infrastructure change in the OLAC website. But the potential  
> gain would be that the records of resources in the Linked Data cloud  
> would be larger in the order of the number of records added by  
> participating archives. (Obviously there are many used for Linked Data,  
> and Records are only part of that.) But would there be great gain by  
> adding Linked Data endpoints to the OLAC record sets and ontologies?

Actually, Steven Bird suggested something along these lines last year, and  
I brought this proposal to an OWLG telco. In the end, we thought having a  
meeting at some conference to work out the details might be a good idea,  
but this still has to happen.

 From the LLOD perspective, we would encourage any attempt in this  
direction because it represents a new data set and may be the best way to  
establish a best practice for LLOD metadata specification. From the OLAC  
perspective, it would open up their data to a new community, and  
subsequently synergies between their data and other data sets may be  
possible that we don't currently think of. So, in general, bringing OLAC  
to the LLOD has a lot of potential.


2012/4/26 Steven Bird <stevenbird1 at gmail.com>:
> A colleague recently told me about the working group on Open Data in
> Linguistics.  I wonder if OLAC, the Open Language Archives Community,
> is something that could be incorporated.  We'd be happy to look into
> mapping our data and ontologies.
> http://www.language-archives.org/
> http://search.language-archives.org/
> Yours,
> -Steven Bird
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