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Christian Chiarcos christian.chiarcos at web.de
Tue Jun 11 05:41:57 UTC 2013

This entire discussion has taken a somewhat unexpected turn ...

> I didn't read any of this into Christian's response -- as a matter of  
> fact,
> just the opposite.  He said that those who disagreed with SIL (and he
> didn't say he was one of them), sometimes *preferred* to work with SIL
> derivatives instead of direct SIL products.

Thank you for pointing that out. The whole SIL discussion was merely to  
accomodate for Marías original remark that

> I know the SIL one but I think someone mentioned some concerns about it.

... and these concerns sometimes might have an ideological basis more than  
a linguistic one. No SIL-bashing intended. Also the quoting wasn't that  
selective either, I only omitted the concrete example reference for the  
"standard linguistic resources" mentioned along with SIL.

So, shall we focus again on the original question? Is anyone aware of any  
other recommendable human-readable (and preferrably openly licensed)  
terminology repository that we can recommend? (Aside from helping María,  
we might actually put a list on the wiki, if something substantial emerges  
 from this discussion.)

Along with sections on linguistic terms in Wikipedia, Wiktionary, etc. we  

- SIL linguistic terms
- ISOcat*
- TDS ontology*
- grammis**

(* intended to be machine-readable rather than human-readable)
(** German only)

Anything else?

All the best,
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