[open-linguistics] Working Group structure

Jonathan Pool pool at panlex.org
Fri Mar 22 23:33:54 UTC 2013

> The Open Knowledge Foundation does not have any requirements for working
> group structures, so we are free to choose our own way. Also there
> doesn't seem to be any best practice. We therefore would like to ask you
> to make proposals on how to organize this group.

Here is my tabulation of structures of other OKFN Working Groups that 
have any structure (several do not):

Open Government: 1 coordinator (at OKFN)

Open Bibliography: 1 coordinator (at OKFN)

EU Open Data: 1 coordinator (at OKFN)

Open Science: 1 coordinator (at OKFN)

Open Development: 1 coordinator

Open Humanities: 1 Community Coordinator

OpenGLAM: 2 Community Coordinators

Open Design: 2 co-founders (1 at OKFN)

Open Definition: Advisory Council with 1 Chair, 1 Secretary, and 15 members

Open Economics: Run by OKF + U of Cambridge CIPIL; Advisory Panel with 
20 members

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