[open-linguistics] Language resource identifiers at W3C, ELRA and others

Dave Lewis dave.lewis at cs.tcd.ie
Thu May 15 12:35:57 UTC 2014


I spoke to Nick Campbell from TCD about this Monday as he had some 
involvement. They are already issuing ISLRNs, but there are also 
concerns about how to manage updates and versions of resources. As many 
language resources are essentially mutable online data that could often 
benefit from cleaning and maintenance (sometimes by third parties), 
there may be some interesting discussion to have about how a URL based 
scheme that facilitated provenance tracking and interlinking of version 
might be useful.

As we discussed in Madrid last week, there is a lot to be gained from an 
unambiguous way of attributing language resources via the Web, both in 
academic papers and in commercial or governmental applications. If this 
is done in a way that mainstream indexers can track and find these, all 
the better.

Perhaps some guidance on how the current stand alone ISLRNs could be 
consistently used in minting LR URLs, so as to support decentralisation, 
persistence and versioning.

Perhaps this is something the BPMLOD group might like to pick up?


On 15/05/2014 10:22, Christian Chiarcos wrote:
>     The ISLRN as I understand attempts to introduce a single
>     identifier, it is quite possible that in a linked data context we
>     could work out a service that resolves these from URIs based on
>     existing repositories (likely MetaShare). Perhaps, this is
>     something to clear up soon?
> I would hope so. The LREC would actually be a great place to talk to 
> the ELRA people directly, maybe we should contact Khalid Choukri and 
> Nicoletta Calzolari (who else ?) and arrange a meeting in Reykjavik.
> Best,
> Christian
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