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Damir Cavar dcavar at me.com
Thu Mar 19 21:03:12 UTC 2015

Hi everybody,

some time ago we did have some discussion here on the list about some of
the LINGUIST List services like GOLD, LEGO, etc. Some of those are up
again, e.g. GOLD and LEGO. More of the old tools are coming soon.

The old Ask-a-Linguist service was deactivated and relaunched. This is a
completely new one now, more like the Stack Overflow for linguistics,
i.e. posting questions, posting answers, ranking, karma points etc.
Please let us know, what you think:


We hope that this would be useful for a broad community of linguists.
This is still BETA, and we are working on the localization of it, to
make it multi-lingual and a resources (i.e. parallel corpus).

If you have ideas and suggestions, let us know please.



LINGUIST List Fund Drive 2015

Damir Cavar
Department of Linguistics
Indiana University
Co-director and Moderator of The LINGUIST List

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