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That's super cool Damir. I have set up some places for people to ask
questions before, and I know that for example the MPI in Nijmegen have that
as a running project as well. This is probably more useful though, thanks!


Sharing is caring, if you stumble across something you think I might find
interesting then send it my way. I do the same.

Please forgive me for any mistakes of orthography (especially Swedish and
French diacritics), I try to answer as fast as possible and sometimes that
results in less than optimal key board output.

2015-03-20 8:03 GMT+11:00 Damir Cavar <dcavar at me.com>:

> Hi everybody,
> some time ago we did have some discussion here on the list about some of
> the LINGUIST List services like GOLD, LEGO, etc. Some of those are up
> again, e.g. GOLD and LEGO. More of the old tools are coming soon.
> The old Ask-a-Linguist service was deactivated and relaunched. This is a
> completely new one now, more like the Stack Overflow for linguistics,
> i.e. posting questions, posting answers, ranking, karma points etc.
> Please let us know, what you think:
> http://askaling.linguistlist.org/
> We hope that this would be useful for a broad community of linguists.
> This is still BETA, and we are working on the localization of it, to
> make it multi-lingual and a resources (i.e. parallel corpus).
> If you have ideas and suggestions, let us know please.
> Thanks!
> Damir
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