[open-linguistics] Inclusion of 'non-open' resources in the LLOD cloud diagram

Christian Chiarcos chiarcos at informatik.uni-frankfurt.de
Wed Sep 9 14:04:37 UTC 2015

> GOLD, on the other hand, is CC BY 3.0
> <http://linguistics-ontology.org/info/about>, so there is no problem
> in including it (someone should update the metadata).

Thanks for correcting me. I updated the datahub.io entry. Last time I  
checked (about 2 years ago, maybe), there was just an informal statement  
on supporting openness, but great to see that the GOLD maintainers updated  
that. I kept asking them occasionally, though ;)

Unfortunately, the situation wrt. isocat is still unclear (but please  
correct me, if I'm wrong), and as it is going through a restructuring  
process right now, it is quite important to raise our voice to keep it  
alive and (hopefully) open. Maybe the CLARIN members on the list know more  
about this.

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