[open-linguistics] New and extended MultiTree

Damir Cavar dcavar at me.com
Fri Aug 19 02:20:38 UTC 2016

Dear colleagues,

We were working hard on MultiTree over the last two years. We were 
rebuilding a new system that would free us from a dependency to 
Java-plugins in browsers. The software has been redeveloped to use only 
compatible technologies that would allow us to use multi-tree on all 
modern operating systems and browsers, including tablets and mobile phones.

MultiTree provides a unique approach to historical linguistic research, 
representing the most complete collection of language relationship 
hypotheses in a user-friendly, visually-appealing, and interactive 
format. Not only is it fun and informative, but it is a useful resource 
that gathers scholarly work and makes it accessible to academics and the 
public alike.

MultiTree is also an innovative tool for typological analysis, 
especially among lesser-known languages. It facilitates 
interdisciplinary collaboration with linguists to reach more accurate 
conclusions about human language, culture, and history.

We are glad to announce that there are new visualizations available for 
the trees. Please, take a look at the Indo-European Composite Tree:


You will see on the left the bibliographic entry where this tree was 
taken from (read from the book or text, put manually into a digital data 
structure, and then visualized in a graph).

If you select the "View" button, you will not see new views like:

- Infovis
- Partition
- Pack


We are grateful to all people who were involved and helped us making 
this possible, our graduate assistants at LINGUIST List, Lwin Moe, our 
tech-person, and all interns who participated in the LINGUIST List 
summer activities in 2015 and 2016: Chloe Chen, Noah Kaufman, Louis 
Dunham, and many others.

The interface is not ready yet, it is not perfect, but it is usable and 

You can add your own data to this system. We can show you how you can 

We would be happy to integrate this system in the LLOD enterprise!


Malgosia Cavar and Damir Cavar

The 2016 LINGUIST List Fund Drive - Please support LINGUIST List with a 

Dr. Damir Cavar
Associate Professor of Computational Linguistics
Department of Linguistics
Indiana University

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