[open-linguistics] LL-Map up again

Christian Chiarcos chiarcos at informatik.uni-frankfurt.de
Fri Aug 19 12:21:19 UTC 2016

Dear Damir,

thank you for sharing the updates on LL-Map and Multitree. I think the  
linguists among us would agree that these are highly valuable resources,  
in particular, if they can be linked with other language metadata  
repositories, say, Glottolog, WALS or ASJP, so there would be immediate  
synergies out of their linking.

> We would be happy to link these maps to other language data and provide  
> new types of interfaces. Let us know, if you have ideas or suggestions,  
> how we could integrate this into the larger LLOD-project.

A minimal requirement would be to have resolvable (and preferrably  
persistent) URIs for language varieties and language groups -- even if  
limited to ISO-693 codes and even if the actual page content is not  
machine-readable, yet. Then, it would be possible to refer to the  
individual pages from the outside.
An even better solution would be to provide a full-fledged RDF view -- we  
talked about this briefly at LREC, and if you need help with that, let me  
know, we can arrange something ;)

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