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James Harriman-Smith jam3s.h.s at gmail.com
Mon Mar 15 16:03:49 UTC 2010

Good afternoon,

Just Rufus and me at this week's meeting, but we managed a fair number of
things. There is now no delete button on the annotation tool, something
which should discourage wholesale vandalism and thus allow us to promote our
website everywhere - and particularly in the English faculty what with lots
of second years about to begin their Troilus and Cressida revision.

Things to do over the holidays:

* EMMA: could you obtain permission and then send out the jpeg files from
the Varsity article for us please? Both the phone and the pixellated Hamlet
& co. from the article itself.

* Try and get the introductions finished, modifying the google document to
show which one(s) you are taking on. Once they are edited, please post them
on the blog, with a title exactly matching the name of the play you have
written about. (Have a look at Troilus and Cressida on the blog if you're
not sure what I mean)

* Contribute Word of the Day articles to blog: it is important now that the
title of these blog posts is 'Word of the Day: Lapwing' and not just
'Lapwing'' - having lots of these articles would allow us to fully automate
the word of the day feature, which would be cool.

* Keep annotating Hamlet. Does anyone think that we might need conventions?
E.g. all 'translations' of Shakespeare's phrases should be in inverted
commas, or that we should not write overly interpretative glosses...Do say
what you all think about this, and if you are particularly passionate, why
not write a blog post?

Right, I think those are all the tasks. It remains only to say


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