[open-literature] Next Cambridge Shakespeare Meeting: this Saturday (13th March) @ 3pm

James Harriman-Smith jam3s.h.s at googlemail.com
Sat Mar 13 09:42:59 UTC 2010

Hi Jack, and all,

Here's how to access the annotation from the front page of Open Shakespeare:

Click 'Read Texts'
Scroll down to Hamlet
Click on 'Annotate>>'
The annotated text should appear, with annotated sections highlighted.
To see the annotations hold your mouse over the highlighted text
To make an annotation, highlight some text by dragging your cursor over it,
then click on the little notepad
Type your annotation in the box that appears and then press enter to save
your annotation.

Hope that helps! I wonder whether we should announce the existence of the
annotation tool to the English Faculty, seeing as approximately 200 English
students are going to want to start practising their glossing before next
term...If we did, we would probably have to disable the delete feature
though. We'll discuss this later, but drop us an email Jack so we know what
you think too.

The document of remaining plays would be a very good idea. Until that gets
done, there are a few plays that have had introductions written but not yet
edited or posted. Anyone can edit/post anything providing it is not
something you've written yourself, so we should try and get these texts up
as soon as possible too.

If I won't see you this afternoon, have a good holiday, if I will, see you


On 13 March 2010 00:13, G.G. Belloli <ggb24 at cam.ac.uk> wrote:

> Bad news - again it's unlikely that I'll be able to make the meeting
> tomorrow.
> If you can make a list on the Google Docs spreadsheet of the plays/poems
> left to do for short intros, you can leave them to me to do as many as
> possible over Easter - they'll all essentially be on my vac reading list.
> Will also try and work on the Shakespeare general intro. Glad the
> annotation's going well - I can't access it though. Sorry for being dense,
> but how do I do it?
> Have a happy and restful Easter, and see you next term,
> Jack
>  Dear All,
>> For those still around at the end of term, just a reminder that our
>> regular bi-weekly meeting is this Saturday (tomorrow) at the usual
>> time of 3pm and at the usual Panton Street location. In keeping with
>> tradition cake (plus tea) will be provided!
>> This will be something of a celebratory meeting to reflect the fact
>> that after almost 8 months of effort annotator is now functional!
>> (Also well done to the person (or persons) doing the excellent Hamlet
>> annotations ...)
>> Look forward to seeing people tomorrow.
>> Regards,
>> Rufus
>> PS: if there is anyone who'd like to join remotely let me know and we
>> can set up a skype call or irc ...
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