[open-literature] Next Cambridge Shakespeare Meeting: this Saturday (13th March) @ 3pm

G.G. Belloli ggb24 at cam.ac.uk
Sat Mar 13 00:13:41 UTC 2010

Bad news - again it's unlikely that I'll be able to make the meeting 

If you can make a list on the Google Docs spreadsheet of the plays/poems 
left to do for short intros, you can leave them to me to do as many as 
possible over Easter - they'll all essentially be on my vac reading list. 
Will also try and work on the Shakespeare general intro. Glad the 
annotation's going well - I can't access it though. Sorry for being dense, 
but how do I do it?

Have a happy and restful Easter, and see you next term,


>Dear All,
>For those still around at the end of term, just a reminder that our
>regular bi-weekly meeting is this Saturday (tomorrow) at the usual
>time of 3pm and at the usual Panton Street location. In keeping with
>tradition cake (plus tea) will be provided!
>This will be something of a celebratory meeting to reflect the fact
>that after almost 8 months of effort annotator is now functional!
>(Also well done to the person (or persons) doing the excellent Hamlet
>annotations ...)
>Look forward to seeing people tomorrow.
>PS: if there is anyone who'd like to join remotely let me know and we
>can set up a skype call or irc ...
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