[open-literature] Open Letters work

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Mon May 17 11:01:14 UTC 2010

On 16 May 2010 18:02, print.crimes <print.crimes at yatterings.com> wrote:
> Afternoon,
> I've been working on the open letters code and have added / changed a bit.
> I've added basic templating to the letters, created html indexes, created
> rdf versions of the letters, correspondents and an endpoint. The endpoint
> has been validated against the W3 rdf validator but work remains to be done
> on url rewriting to tidy the urls up (the validator doesn't appear to have
> an issue with the current ones but it would be good to tidy them up). I've
> hidden the timeline until it is written, added a page for the schema for the
> purl link to refer to.

Great stuff.

> I've registered http://purl.org/letter which currently points to the
> opencorrespondence.org site (until the latest changes go live and I'll alter
> it to point to the correct page).
> I still need to write a "get-involved" page, tidy up the parser (especially
> for the textReferred elements) and do the url rewrites but hopefully the
> project should now have enough for some experimentation when its downloaded
> and run. The PHP end point will be updated in due course.
> Rufus: can you update the current site with this version? Its a little less
> "interimy".

Done. I note that the front page text seems to have disappeared and I
think I need instructions on setting up the db (may be i know them but
pls remind me ;) ) to avoid getting 500 errors ...


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