[open-literature] Open Correspondence site

print.crimes print.crimes at yatterings.com
Fri Sep 3 18:03:50 UTC 2010


With some help from Rufus, a new set of letters has been loaded into the 
opencorrespondence website which means that the complete Gutenberg set 
of Dickens's letters is now available.

As an aside, I've also been working on some changes to the site to 
improve the urls, set up the basics of search form (not full text yet, 
I'm adding that as a new ticket) which deals with a few tickets 
regarding urls and content negotiation. It is largely aimed at removing 
the /data controller but I still need to do some further tests before 
removing the controller (alhough I'm also tempted to try and create an 
RDF end point and store there instead).

I'll try to upload the changes over the weekend (assuming I can get the 
tests written and working).

All best,


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