[open-literature] Open Shakespeare - developments...

James Harriman-Smith jh570 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Apr 21 10:30:16 UTC 2011

Hi Jack,

Fantastic news about your former English  teacher and Macbeth. I think it's
perfectly fine for her to stay in touch with you, just send us the odd
update from time to time.

As regards a start of term event, I think it might be a bit late now, but
how about printing off lots of little flyers with instructions on how to use
Open Shakespeare to practice annotation and then distributing them amongst
Part I students? (I believe all those taking Part I have a meeting at some
point next term regarding exam protocol, yes?) We could also send a message
round the Part I students' mailing list with the same information. I'll get
in touch with the Faculty Secretaries about the email next week, once term
is under way.

How about a meeting next week, chez Rufus (if that's OK?) / online on Sunday
1st May? 3pm onwards?

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