[open-literature] Open Correspondence & xapian

print.crimes print.crimes at yatterings.com
Sat Jan 1 11:32:24 UTC 2011

Hi Rufus,

No worries. Very unlikely I'll be around at 5 as I'm back at work then. 
Possibly a couple of hours later on Tuesday from 7pm if that's all 
right? I'm normally at home on Friday's if they are easier.

On 01/01/2011 11:02, Rufus Pollock wrote:
> On 29 December 2010 17:42, print.crimes<print.crimes at yatterings.com>  wrote:
>> Hi Rufus,
>> Just putting in some of the changes to the RDF onto the open correspondence
>> site to update what I've been working on. However at some point soon, could
>> we get together via Skype to sort out Xapian? I've inserted the commands
>> into command.py but the port and hostname need changes (as they do in the
>> /search/ controller) to run off a remote backend as per the conversation
>> some time last year.
> Sorry to miss this. I'm irregularly around on irc. Would you perchance
> be around next Tuesday @5pm for an open correspondence (and possibly
> open shakespeare and open literature session for those interested in
> those items!).
> @Will: is xapian still running on eu4? (@Iain: if so we already have
> xapian deployed and ready to go)
> Rufus

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