[open-literature] Introduction

Jack Leigh leighman-okfn at gmx.com
Thu Jun 16 22:10:29 UTC 2011

Hi open-literaturians,

I'm Jack, (relatively) recently graduate in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and 
Celtic and very interested in free software and open data.

This led me to start a wiki for Open Celtic Studies [1], which sadly 
hasn't made it far yet.
I recently met Rufus and Lucy at OpenTech and they suggested I get 
involved with open-lit and perhaps start moving my work to the open-lit 
wiki which Rufus created.

I would love to get involved with open-lit more, particularly in 
producing openly licensed editions and translations.
What content do people feel the wiki should contain?
What are the best ways to avoid duplicating effort with Wikisource, 
open-biblio etc.?
Juliano Spyer made a talk at OpenTech about the Adopt a Paragraph 
project [2] which crowd-sources translation.  Do you think this 
something we should try and do?


[1] http://wiki.opencelticstudies.info <http://wiki.opencelticstudies.info/>
[2] http://bit.ly/aynXbL

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