[open-literature] News about Open Literature Mailing, and Minutes of the Meeting (30/04/11)

James Harriman-Smith jh570 at cam.ac.uk
Mon May 2 19:33:50 UTC 2011

Dear all,

We had a good meeting on Saturday, concentrating mainly on how to build the
project over the next few months. Minutes are below, but I would like to
announce here that I will from now on be posting a weekly email with an
update on both what has been achieved recently and what you might be able to
help us with.

Best wishes,


Minutes available online here:


###To do:
- Publish a 'state of the project post' on OKFN blog
- Publicise site through contact with other projects: <a href="
www.delightedbeauty.org">www.delightedbeauty.org</a>, <a href="
- Publicise site: unis (NFP, fun for summer), Call For Papers
- Investigate kickstarter
- Organise May Week event, publicise with invitation for help over summer
- Institute regular emails on openlit: monthly recap of
volunteering/contributions, weekly drip feed of news and suggestion for
contributions (one thing done, one thing needed - wotd, intro)
- Sign up to open humanities mails: updates for okfn, advertise for
- Prepare an Open Shakespeare presentation at OKCON Berlin
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