[open-literature] Open Correspondence notes and queries

print.crimes print.crimes at yatterings.com
Mon May 2 20:48:22 UTC 2011


I've made some more minor updates to Open Correspondence, mainly on 
trying to being the XML more towards TEI conformance, which are now posted.

An example being: 

I think I've got it somewhere in the same ball park but is there any one 
on the list who can help with getting this to conformance, or who also 
understands the ODD to create an xsd to validate the Open Correspondence 
schema  as I know I'm going round in circles with it at the moment? I've 
been reading the online manual but if there is someone who can point me 
in the right direction or answer some questions about it...

The XML endpoint still needs work to it and also to its loading (for 
some reason the import is failing and OFS is not being recognised on the 
server but it appears to have been installed).

I've also started work on a toolkit based on some of Jonathan Gray's 
questions posted on his blog and am using these to work on visualisation 
and data issues and queries. So far I'm looking at the who wrote to 
whom, the date ranges of letters to a particular author and which tests 
where mentioned to a particular author (if known). I'll past code once 
I've got further than some quick hacks.



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