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Bosman, J.M. (Jeroen) j.bosman at uu.nl
Mon May 4 09:28:02 UTC 2015

Dear Open Science advocate,

Based on our preliminary explorations of innovations in scholarly communication (see our poster http://dx.doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.1286826) we are currently trying to  find out how research workflows are changing in practice. On the supply side we are doing this by building a public database of tools and innovations a researcher can use (http://bit.ly/innoscholcomm-list). For the demand side we have prepared an online survey asking researchers to map their workflow. Though we do wish to find out whether Open Science is gaining traction, the survey's tenets are broader. The survey is intended to run from May 10, 2015 until February, 2016.

For the distribution of the survey we are turning to you for advice. As the survey is not using a neat stratified sample but is instead targeting the full population of active researchers, we are discussing how to reach that population. In principle we want to get it out to all researchers (that master the English language), worldwide. We are thinking of combining various approaches over time:

- Social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, ...)

- Researcher Networks (ResearchGate, Academia, Mendeley, ....)

- Science media (Chronicle of Higher Education, THE, InsideHigherEd, ...)

- General Science blogs (LSE impact blog, ...)

- Scholarly societies

- Large conferences (that have sessions on open science and publication)

In combining these, it is difficult not to create overlap and also not to induce uneven response distribution in terms of countries, academic positions, fields and stance towards open science. We have a few options to control/correct for these afterwards, but obviously want to invite researchers as broadly and evenly as we possibly can.

Could you share your thoughts on how to achieve such a broad and even distribution? Or do you know of appropriate distribution channels that we haven't thought of? Do you have any contacts that might be helpful in distributing this survey?

Of course you are welcome to a preview of the survey<https://innoscholcomm.typeform.com/to/Csvr7b?source=feedback>. You can try it out if you wish, but please do not send the URL to others, yet ;-).

If you have any other thoughts on this survey or know of comparable projects that we could of should align with, please let us know.

Even though we plan to make the survey publicly available next week, your responses are welcome any time, as we do not intend to limit distribution efforts to this time.

Many thanks for your time and thoughts!

Jeroen Bosman and Bianca Kramer

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