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Hi Sander,

On Mon, Feb 11, 2019 at 9:56 AM Sander van der Waal <
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> Great initiative and I signed the form just now.


> I wanted to add two comments / points for discussion:
> - One piece of feedback we often had over the years on the term 'Open
> Science' was that those in eg. the Humanities felt this didn't apply to
> them. Mostly because of the distinction between the 'sciences' and
> 'humanities' which is stronger in English terminology than eg in Dutch -
> where you could talk about 'open wetenschap'. Have you considered a move to
> advocating about a more inclusive umbrella term like 'Open Research'?

Oh, absolutely. This discussion has come up repeatedly. Open Science is the
term actually used in Europe as for "Open Research". This has been
clarified several times, but people easily forget it. Anyways, we do use
"open research" in the opening paragraph, but I decided to keep using Open
Science too, as that is the terminology used at a EU (read: cOAlition S)

> - You make a point (7) about licensing; this is where we would reference
> the Open Definition (http://opendefinition.org/ ) as a way of defining
> whether or not a license is 'open'. It includes BY and SA clauses, but not
> NC/ND. Would this form a good basis on what to advocate for?

Good catch. Yes, very familiar with it, but actually forgot to mention that.

> Sorry if I'm a little late to the party - have been on holiday until today.

After the meeting Thursday 31 January I realized that is was mostly people
complaining about Plan S, and I decided in the weekend after that how
essential it was to also let the Open Science community speak. Of course, I
was very late to the party too.

But that is why I leave the form open. The process to evaluate all the
feedback is expected to take at least 2-3 months, so opportunity enough for
us to reach 200 signatures (or more :).


Hi, do you like citation networks? Already 51% of all citations are
available <https://i4oc.org/> available for innovative new uses
<https://twitter.com/hashtag/acs2ioc>. Join me in asking the American
Chemical Society to join the Initiative for Open Citations too
the RSC and many others already did <https://i4oc.org/#publishers>.

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