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Hi All

There won't be an Oxford Open Science meeting this month but there is a lot
of activity around Oxford for Open Access Week so you'll be able to get
your fix of info and discussion around open science there, the details are
below with links to the official website and programme.

Best wishes


*Open Access Week 2014 at Oxford*

International Open Access Week <http://www.openaccessweek.org/>is now in
its 7th year. Visit the OAO website for our programme (20th-24th October)
<http://openaccess.ox.ac.uk/open-access-week-2014-at-oxford/>, for
University staff and students:
1. Open Access, Open Data Publication Platform from Nature Publishing
Group: Better Data = Better Science.

Dr Susanna-Assunta Sansone (Associate Director, Oxford e-Research Centre
and Honorary Academic Editor, NPG Scientific Data). The rise of open
data-centric research and publication enterprises. Data sharing practices
in life sciences and the importance of making yours more easily reusable.
Susanna is a co-founder of BioSharing <http://biosharing.org/>
(reproducible research) and blogs about Open Data on the Guardian Higher
Education Network <http://www.theguardian.com/higher-education-network>.

Monday 20th October 2014, 2-3pm, Radcliffe Science Library. Book a place
2. Open Access Oxford — What’s Happening? (iSkills).

Craig Finlay and Juliet Ralph (Bodleian Libraries). A briefing on OA
publishing and Oxford's position: how to comply with funder mandates inc.
new HECFE policy for post-2014 REF.

Tuesday 21st October 2014, 12-1pm, Radcliffe Science Library. Book a place
3. How Can the Wellcome Trust Help You With Open Access?

Pamela Reid (Wellcome Trust) and Eli Harriss (Bodleian Libraries). Tell the
Trust what you need.

Tuesday 21st October 2014, 3-4pm, Knowledge Centre, Old Road Campus. *Drop-in
session with tea.*
4. The Open Library of Humanities: Gold Open Access for the Humanities
Without Author-Facing Charges.

Dr Martin Eve (Lecturer in English, University of Lincoln and OLH
<https://www.openlibhums.org/> Co-Founder). OLH is 'a project exploring a
PLOS-style model for the humanities and social sciences'. Martin is on the
JISC OAPEN-UK project <http://oapen-uk.jiscebooks.org/> committee, chief
editor of *Orbit <https://www.pynchon.net/owap>, *and writes about Open
Access for the Guardian Higher Education Network

Wednesday 22nd October 2014, 2-3pm, Radcliffe Humanities Building, (Lecture
Room). Book a place <http://courses.it.ox.ac.uk/detail/TZ007>.
5. Your Thesis, Copyright and ORA (iSkills).

Sarah Barkla and Jason Partridge (Bodleian Libraries). How to deposit your
thesis in ORA without infringing third-party copyright : essential guidance
for DPhil students.

Thursday 23rd October 2014, 10-11am, Manor Road Building (Seminar Room C). Book
a place <http://courses.it.ox.ac.uk/detail/TZF9>.
6. The new Charity Open Access Fund (COAF
What Researchers Need to Know.

Margaret Hurley (Wellcome Trust). For researchers funded by Arthritis
Research UK, Breast Cancer Campaign, the British Heart Foundation, Cancer
Research UK, Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research and the Wellcome Trust.

Friday 24th October 2014, 11.30am-12.30pm, Cairns Library, John Radcliffe
Hospital. Book a place <http://courses.it.ox.ac.uk/detail/TZ008>.
Download our programme
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