[open-science] Why not publish data? (Neylon, DC (Cameron))

Tim Schweizer Tim.Schweizer at luther.edu
Thu Mar 19 07:26:15 UTC 2009

I think Cameron is hinting at a major problem (this is my interpretation, so
if I'm wrong, blame me, not Cameron).

The incentives are biased towards anything that builds CVs. So, we have way
too many journals that are underwritten by libraries. Even the editors of
journals have admitted that very few people read the journals - they exist
solely as a means build CVs. In my opinion, if 95% of the world's journals
disappeared, there would be no loss in learning or knowledge.

Most people cannot risk studying what they find *really* profound and
interesting. The risk of pursuing those hypothesis are high in terms of not
getting the work published (not getting credit for the pursuit of their best
ideas on the CV). This is the great tragedy.

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