[open-science] Subject: Publicising the Panton Principles?

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Subject: [open-science] Publicising the Panton Principles?
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Jonathan. Following the virtual meeting I attended on Tuesday,
I can now confirm that I have, as of tonight, alerted key contacts at 
PLoS/BMC/Nature and just there, DOAJ about the PP in terms of
both spreading the word and endorsing it. 

I hope this might be of some assistance...


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Just wonder if anyone has any cunning ideas about how we can continue
to get the word out about the Panton Principles?
Would be especially good if anyone had suggestions for people at OA
friendly science publications that we could contact! Or even at tech
news sites (Slashdot, Wired, ...).
Also would much appreciate any further blogging, microblogging,
forwarding, etc.!
All the best,
Jonathan Gray
Community Coordinator
The Open Knowledge Foundation



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