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> Peter,
> the programme of Science Online London sounds incredibly interesting, is
> there any chance to see it webcasted? I would love to watch it.

I have copied Kaitlin who is one of the key people. I know that last year
some of the bits were streamed. We had some personal streaming in our own
(green chain reaction) but somehow it didn'tQuiteWork or got lost.

> Congratulations for your work on ORRs at SWAT4LS with developers of
> semantic web techniques in life science. I'm very familiar with the topic
> and I'm disappointed when I see how long it's taking us to have all our
> scientific knowledge in a structured way. Scientific research will be
> thousands times more efficient, thanks for your help.

I think this will start to take off rapidly. There's an N^2 effect in
getting awareness. The point is that ORR is actually an incredibly simple
concept. We just need to get people doing it. I could take off in many

One really exciting thing is that grad students can often make enormous
progress. I've just listened to Mark Hanel on Figshare. The whole thing was
done in < 1 year, while he was doing his PhD. ORR could feed off Figshare
and vice versa. We could assemble the key diagrams for - say - malaria - in
an ORR. That's a really valuable resource for people learning the field or
perhaps needing to train others or wanting reference material or whatever.
There can be a N^2 effect with Figshare/ORR - who knows. We just have to do

> Here are the little promotional videos for the Open Science Summit 2011
> http://www.youtube.com/user/OpenScienceSummit#p/a/u/2/qTT26cFgCfU
> Thanks

Peter Murray-Rust
Reader in Molecular Informatics
Unilever Centre, Dep. Of Chemistry
University of Cambridge
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