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Jenny Molloy jenny.molloy at okfn.org
Sat Dec 3 13:49:37 UTC 2011

Hi All

I cam across this story on Nature news (
In an interesting combination of crowd sourcing and open data release,
openSNP encourages users of personal genome services (23andMe, deCode me
etc) to openly publish their results alongside phenotypic data that they
provide to the site. All data is available under a CC0 license, so is
completely compatible with the Open Knowledge Definition and the Panton
Principles. Is there anyone on the list who has been genotyped and would
like to comment on what they think of the idea?

>From the website http://opensnp.org/:
 Why all this?*openSNP* is a non-profit,
open-source<https://github.com/gedankenstuecke/snpr> project
that is about sharing genetical and phenotypic information. The idea to
this project came to Bastian after he was genotyped by 23andMe in May and
started playing around with his data. During his research he became
frustrated, because it was not that easy to find mode data. He started
working on openSNP to fix this. To be clear: This project is not about
making money, selling data or to quote Google: “We don’t wanna be evil”. We
are just interested in making science more open and accessible.

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