[open-science] Hackathon - Update

Jenny Molloy jenny.molloy at okfn.org
Wed Dec 7 12:31:53 UTC 2011

Hi All

See below for a list of tasks the hackathon is working on - see the wiki
documentation for many of them and reply by email or get in touch on Skype
(jcmcoppice12) if you'd like to be put in contact with any teams!

Exposing Open Citations (http://opencitations.wordpress.com/) as a SADI (
http://sadiframework.org/content/) semantic web service
Displaying annotations (genes/proteins) of papers in Mendeley.
Generating a disease localiser
Visualising gene-drug interactions
Developing a LARKC (http://www.larkc.eu/) plugin for concept recognition
with 'Peregrine' (https://trac.nbic.nl/data-mining/)

ORR (several tasks) (http://okfnpad.org/orrs)
Making MIIDI form output integrate with BibSoup
Modifying MIIDI XML schema to incorporate cancer research papers.
Planning visualisations and user interface  (no coding necessary!)
Generating MIIDI forms for Leiomyosarcoma (no coding necessary!)

Let me know if you're keen to help with any of these throughout the day or
would like more info, to get in touch with people working on the tasks.

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